Latest Final Edition: Vontae Davis

MaddenStore Date: Apr/08/16 23:02:30 Views: 1780
This week's Final Edition content is live! The Final Edition Hero is Vontae Davis with 100 Press! For a breakdown on how the Final Edition program works, check out our news post introducing the program.
Final Editions are players that may have not received a huge upgrade during the season, but flew under the radar and ended up with great years! Each Wednesday in MUTSeason will see new Final Editions added, including a FINAL EDITION HERO!
Here are today's new player items:
  • Vontae Davis (Hero)
  • T.J. Ward
  • Chris Chester
  • Kamar Aiken
  • Ryan Tannehill
  • Ian Williams
How important is having CBs with high Press ratings to your defensive scheme?