How to Earn Extra Madden 16 Coins

MaddenStore Date: Nov/21/15 10:28:55 Views: 3214

Madden 16 coins is the currency used in Action Block and to buy new players, Since coins are hard to come by in the game, try not to spend them carelessly and use some tips below to maximize your coins in the game:

Supply, Demand, And The Waiting Tactics

I highly recommend checking the market on regular basis; especially on the weekends.

In this way, you will be able to find some decent deals on some great players which you can either add in your roster or sell them when their demand goes high.

In addition to this, do note that price of items goes down with the passage of time. Therefore, make sure not to keep any item for long. Lastly, you should also double-check prices so you do not regret selling an item at a lower price than the market.


Solo Challenges Pay Big Money

In MUT, you earn rewards for playing games and this is what you should do when starting out.

Solo challenges are against AI-controlled opponents and quite easy to win. Therefore, do try them out and you will start accumulating coins in no time at all.


Manage Your Sets

You need to be good at managing your binders and be prepared to for new sets to drop.

You need to keep track of all content and strike when the value reach the maximum point.

In addition to this, you should also check social media which can be good way to hear about new sets and items in Madden Ultimate Team.


Promo Events

In addition to solo challenges, promo events also yield some decent rewards – the time when new items are made available.

Most of the times, you will get items that go into sets, but you can always flip them into coins if you are not satisfied with any particular item.


Opening Packs

Another method of earning some additional coins is by opening up packs.

You will often acquire most-wanted players out of these packs, but it solely depends upon you whether you wish to choose the players for your roster or flip them for some additional coins.


Buy Mut Coins

If the above methods are not able to meet the needs of your madden coins, you can buy directly, I recommend, the cheapest mut coins online store, use the coupon "madden-store" get more cheaper.