How To Choose Defense In MUT 16

MaddenStore Date: Dec/26/15 17:23:30 Views: 2733

On defense, most Madden 16 gamers usually wait until the offense chooses a play so that it shows their personnel. They understand that they should choose the Nickel or Dime formation for example when the offense comes out with 3 receivers. But the question is how to go about choosing a specific play under those formations? Just choose a random one and hope it stops the offense?

MUT 16 defense


There are two major thoughts here:


ONE: Play What You Know


Don't run some exotic blitz you've never practiced before in a big spot, instead err towards being a bit vanilla if necessary. Better to know the strengths and weaknesses of the play you're running than to let up a big play because you didn't know what to expect.


TWO: Mix It Up


Hopefully you are comfortable with a lot of plays and can execute a lot of plays well. The best way to mix it up is to understand what plays are set ups for one another. You might run cover 3 nickel normal 3 times in a row. Allow your opponent to get comfortable, pick up some throws to the sideline or seams. Then run cover 1 robber and press the receivers.


If your opponent looks for that seam route now, you have your safety in a middle zone ready for the pick. Or you can run cover 3 nickel normal a few times, teach your opponent not to look at the flat because you always have it covered. But then mix it up and blitz those flat defenders! Your opponent may be so used to not looking at the flat that he doesn't see the open receivers and gets taken down for a sack.


In essence, on D you're trying to allow your opponent to get comfortable, and then ripping away that comfort for a big play. You want to teach him some defensive tendencies he can take advantage of, only for those tendencies to change when it matters most.