Everything You Need to Know about MUT 17 Loyalty Program

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Madden NFL 17 doesn't launch until August 23, but players can get a head start in MUT17. Now we have everything you need to know about the MUT 17 Loyalty program.


The MUT 17 Loyalty program is based around vouchers which will be carried from MUT 16 to MUT 17 which can then be redeemed for various rewards of your choice. You can trade in 10 Loyalty Badges for a single Loyalty Voucher by using the MUT 17 Loyalty Voucher set in the Redemption section. It is important to note that only the first 10 Loyalty Vouchers you receive from this set will transfer over to MUT 17.


MUT 16 Loyalty Badges will be rewarded for playing in various areas of Madden Ultimate Team such as new solo challenges, Draft Champions Ranked and Salary Cap Ranked. You will need to put 10 Loyalty Badges in a set to earn a MUT17 Voucher. These Vouchers will carry over into Madden 17 and will be redeemable for various rewards (see below). There is a maximum of 10 total Vouchers that can be carried over from completing this set. However, you will be able to earn Vouchers in other ways that include, but are not limited to:


  • Major Milestones for Solo Challenge Wins
  • Major Milestones for Set Completions
  • Pro, All-Pro, and Legendary tier members of MUT Rewards


You can earn Loyalty Badges from the following modes:


  • Solo Challenges
  • Draft Champions Ranked
  • Salary Cap Ranked


You can also earn Loyalty Vouchers based on major milestones in the following categories:


  • Head to Head Seasons games played
  • Draft Champions Ranked games played
  • Salary Cap Ranked games played
  • Solo challenges won
  • Sets completed


Madden Ultimate Team 17 Loyalty Voucher Rewards

Once the MUT 17 season begins, you will be able to cash in all of the Loyalty Vouchers you earned from MUT 16 in various sets with the following rewards:

  • Contract Pack
  • Silver Offense Pack + Silver Defense Pack
  • Gold Offense Pack + Gold Defense Pack
  • Elite Offense Pack + Elite Defense Pack
  • Event Tickets
  • Pro Pack
  • All-Pro Pack
  • Legends Pack

Based on the varying quality of these rewards, we can assume each will have a different cost in terms of Loyalty Vouchers.


Master Set Loyalty Rewards

Those of you that have completed MUT Master, Road Master, or Ultimate Master sets in MUT 16 will have the following rewards waiting for you when you log in to MUT 17 for the first time: 

  • MUT Master: Odell Beckham Jr. (85 OVR)
  • Road Master: Tom Brady (85 OVR)
  • Ultimate Master: Marcus Allen (87 OVR)