Electronic Arts Updates Madden NFL 18

MaddenStore Date: Dec/13/17 14:29:13 Views: 2110

Electronic Arts decided to update Madden NFL 18 after months. New features will be added to the game and improvements will be made.

The Madden NFL 18, which is anticipated in August of 2017 and played only on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms, is getting a new update after a long search.

It offers players the most realistic American football and calls for an adrenaline-filled atmosfere. Madden NFL 18, which is one of the best in the field, came out with an announcement last night of Electronic Arts. We will be making various improvements to the online game mode, if we will talk about the game from future updates. In addition, the game was given a new and great new feature to add a special "Audibles on the Fly" feature, but this feature continues to hide as secret.

Having said that the players will also make some changes about tactical commands, EA said the game will involve more advanced players and strategies. Incoming update and various error improvements in the game will also be done. The game, which will receive a new update after months, brings with it features such as player's penalty, Coach settings, attack and defense performance. With the update players will get more balanced penalties.

In addition, various improvements will be made to the audible menu in the game. With the incoming features, players in the group chat will be able to access all voicemail messages.