Eagle' s Sam Bradford Wants Trade out of Philadelphia

MaddenStore Date: Apr/26/16 22:33:42 Views: 1767

The Philadelphia Eagles have been informed that quarterback Sam Bradford wants to be traded and will not be showing up for their offseason program any longer.




Bradford is upset at the Eagles' trade last week for the No. 2 overall pick to draft a quarterback.


Let's first sit back and appreciate how the last month of movement from Ph.ladelphia has been somewhat self-destructive over the short term -- sacrificing both several draft picks along with now possibly your immediate starting QB to draft a new QB of the future.


Bradford, 28, started 14 games last season after the Eagles acquired him in an offseason trade with the Rams. The Eagles went 7-7 in his starts. He completed 65 percent of his pass attempts, throwing for 3,725 yards with 19 touchdowns and 14 interceptions.


The contenders are:


Denver - This is obvious isn't it? The team is built to win a championship now, and Bradford would be a nice short term answer as the franchise tries to figure out the future. Bradford's contract doesn't fit with Denver's finances and would require some restructuring but this is hardly undoable.


New York Jets - Bradford could be a fit in NY as well with Fitzpatrick not signed yet. Again, Bradford may have to take a hit on finances here -- but the Jets probably would see Bradford as an upgrade.


Cleveland - I mean, why not? You need a QB in Cleveland, they have the finances, and the Browns have a lot of draft choices. Bradford wouldn't thrive here at all, this would be another St. Louis type of situation, but it'd make sense for Cleveland.


Philadelphia - No, Philly isn't going to trade with itself for Bradford, but let's be real: Bradford probably ends up in Philly as the tutor/veteran teacher for the upcoming rookie QB and then leaves in a couple of years as the new QB takes the reigns. From Bradford's standpoint this isn't the greatest situation but its a position and a salary. And oftentimes, the simplest explanation is the most likely.