Do You Remember When Madden Implemented Career Mode

MaddenStore Date: Jan/08/16 17:14:07 Views: 2903

Madden 08 had all that stuff too, but I have to say that we may be prone to romanticize it a bit. It was really just a drag to keep generating parents untill you had to hall of fame athletes. Then you had to just take the (pretty dumb) Wonderlic a couple of times untill you had the best possible score. Than generate the draft untill you were picked as high as possible and by a team you liked (like I would ever play for the Cowblys, lol madden) about ten times.

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I remember in it's early days your skill set was based on your Mother and Father's career, hobby, and IQ. Best one I recall creating was a Runningback. The Father was an All-pro scat back, who enjoyed chess, he had an IQ of 150+. The Mother was an olympian sprinter, who enjoyed puzzles if I remember correctly. Her IQ was around 100. Don't remember what round I got drafted in, but I know I actually played a lot of seasons.. Like as many as I could. I kind of wish EA would beef up the solo career. Make it more interactive and complex. Any of yall have any good memories from the early career modes?


I also remember doing drills like bench press and running the 40. Or was that NCAA? Either way it was fun and made it so much more interactive. Madden 16 is the first Madden I played after Madden 08 (played it for a long time on pc with all kinds of mods) and I have to say that gameplay wise the game now is about a million times better.


That was madden, it was such a small thing but it made the career mode so much more immersive. We like to shit on EA, and for good reason most of the times, but the gameplay has improved soooo much over the years. Also I quite like the current Franchise mode in terms of how FA and the draft is handled. It feels way more realistic than Franchise Mode in 08.