Beat Cover 2 Near Redzone In Madden 16

MaddenStore Date: Jan/30/16 05:10:28 Views: 1970

Hi guys, I would consider myself anywhere from an average to above average player. Some Madden 16 fans ask me what route beats Cover 2 short distance wise when they are fine on offense, that's until getting near the redzone.


The best Madden 16 players have trouble in the red zone. I don't have anything specific for you, but I can tell some things that have worked against me because I run some cover 2 near the goaline.


First, is he controlling a MLB? Well, for one, you can get his attention by running a drag across the middle. He will try and thwart that, while on the other side, you a slant route.


Some other things that have worked are: WR screens, HB screens, QB scrambling, and swing passes (you know the play that is actually called swing pass and the HB is the only option)....For me, I usually pound the ball near the goal line. If you've been running a lot out of the shotgun, the shovel option might be a good play because if they run commit, it's a super easy touchdown.


A smash route combo should work, use a subpackage to get your best jump ball WR on the corner route. This should force the safety to commit to the vertical or corner then just throw to whichever one he is farthest from. If your very close to the goalline use a hot route on your corner route and smart route it(r1) this will make him break on his corner route quicker, so instead of running 10 yards then breaking he'll run until he hits the goalline then break into the corner.