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What Is the Difference Between Madden 17 & Madden 18

EA Play 2017 is over, and we've learned a lot about Madden 18 these days. There's a new story pattern called Longshots, where goal delivery and co-ops are introduced in the form of MUT Squads. But what is the difference between Madden 17 and Madden 18? Today we look at an interview of the Executive Producer Seann Graddy.



Do not put it on the scale of 1-10, we just say that different users will be different, depending on how they use the pass game. For everyone, they will see smarter security because we have improved our AI in the deep area. This will change some of the books you may be accustomed to making on the deep ball. In addition, the new goal through the mechanic is basically a skill gap mechanism. This means it is a mechanic, you will want to spend time to master. The most elite players will find the way to use the right situation, and we can mean that they pass the huge changes in the game. This is a risk / reward mechanism because you give up the action in your pocket and find your location on the spot.


Had talked with members of the development team in the past and asked for an extension of the wounded during CFM. In the real NFL, until the second day after the occurrence, you can understand the severity of the injury. In the previous Maddens, you know all the prognosis before the current game is completed. I always think that if you have to wait until the game is completed, will add some immersion, you know the complete diagnosis has been done before the weekend practice.


So we could know that it is a great update for Madden 18 this time, EA Play want to add more interesting new thing to Madden 18 to attract more new Madden players, so to expand the influence of this game, so if you need to buy Madden NFL 18 coins at that time, don't forget madden-store, you know Madden 18 coins for sale on the site is cheap and safe.


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