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What Improvements Madden 17's AI Needs

Although this year improvements with Madden 17 are rolling out, also AI has been improved a lot, developments for AI still exist. In this page, improvements that Madden 17's AI needs are given out from game players.


1. Blocking


Probably the most frustrating aspect of the game. Throwing a WR or HB screen and having your blockers run out and do nothing with defenders right in front of them, watching your OL just let blitzers run right past them while they waddle in place, watching your FB run right past the LB to try and block the safety 15 yards downfield, it's just horrible.


2. QB 


Playing the CPU virtually every QB feels exactly the same with the exception of maybe a slight increase in errant passes for a worse QB. Pocket awareness is virtually non-existent. You don't ever feel things like a Brady or Manning's pocket awareness or pre-snap reads, Russell Wilson's mobility, Alex Smith's propensity to check down or any intricacies that make QB's unique. Different running styles just as QB's have different throwing styles. They do exist in the game, you just have to know how to juggle. If you take WR's Reggie Diggs or Titus Davis and make them running backs, you will notice they carry the ball lower and it makes for some dope animations. If giving the chance to make running backs with different styles, that would open up the game more. 


3. AI blockers (all blockers) should have more awareness 

When it comes to missing or failing on a block, AI blockers should have more awareness. As it stands, blockers will just run straight down field after a missed/failed block. When you miss/fail on a block, fight back and try to engage the guy again or look to the immediate left or right for another guy to block. Don't simply accept or forget what just happened and then run down the field. There's this strange phenomenon where the end of a play will have a varying number of blockers who are just running downfield aimlessly instead of finding a block near the immediate area.


So what about your opinions? Do you think AI needs improvements? Then which phrase you have been playing? Need NFL 17 coins for your game? Come and get from our online store. Wish you enjoy the game.

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