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What Do You Think Of Longshot Story Mode In Madden NFL 18

On Saturday, EA released a new trailer for Madden NFL 18 which introduced one new story mode called Longshot. Many fans were blown away by visual, sound performance, convincing stories, and inspired by potential depth. And I will take this article in the article to review the contents of the trailer, and summed up the views of Madden 18 fans to see their views on ‘Longshot’ Story Mode.


Titled "Longshot", the trailer first look at Madden's playful story pattern, around a forgotten prospect called Devin Wade. He is a former college star, after the unexplained absence, he returned to the grid. The story pattern from JR Lemon will follow Wade as he tries to shoot in the NFL stardom and hear his name for the NFL draft day.

"This is a story about getting the NFL," said Mike Young, creative director at Madden 18. "Our philosophy is a playable movie, not a career model like a cinema, not just a locker room and a general manager And sideline volatility - this is a person away from the scene of the emotional journey.


From the comments of the above Madden 18 fans, they still like this NEW Play Mode, some people think that in the game to increase the story will be more interesting, some people think that the visual effect is simply great, they are looking forward to early play Madden NFL 18, If you have different ideas, please leave your comments below the article.

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