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Top 5-Rated Rookies Revealed In Madden 18

EA Sports in this year's game released the top 5 rookie. Those who list on the list should not be surprised. The first finals and Cleveland Brown's latest savior, Maryles Garrett, scored a total of 83 points.



He should be an instantaneous manufacturer of virtual scene with 84 speed, 90 acceleration and 96 intensity. Here is the rest of the top five.



In all the top five rookies, the Leonville Fournette of the Jacksonville Jaguar has the highest popularity. If you control the player, that category is not important, because when the staff by the CPU control, the player will play a role, but the interesting is that the highest level of running back to the highest rating.



It is also very pleased that these ratings have not been ranked second, but ranked first in the first place. As a fan of the Chicago Bears, I hope No. 2 Mitchell Trubisky becomes a star, but he is not worth the second highest scoring rookie.



Howard Howard is a better choice. His speed and passing ability can make him a powerful candidate for the annual offensive rookie. Fournette will obviously have that way.



On the other hand, Cincinnati Bengal "John Ross did not score" Top Five "as a rookie list, but was the fastest player in the game. After breaking the NFL Combine record of 40 yards, Ross's speed was recognized in Madden 18. He will be rated 98.



It is expected that in the next few days, with the August 25 release date, the player rating will be more. So if you want to buy these five players, it is better to prepare enough Madden mobile coins in advance, you can go to madden-store to buy, you will get the cheapest madden mobile coins.

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