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The Rating of Tyrod Taylor and Joe Flacco in Madden NFL 17

With the coming of Madden ratings season, that blessed period on the NFL calendar when EA Sports' behemoth video game franchise releases the digital grades for every quarterback.
The second best are safety Eric Weddle (92), outside linebacker Terrell Suggs (90), wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. (89) and outside linebacker Elvis Dumervil (87).




Sub-90 ratings are not what many would call elite. Quarterback Joe Flacco was an 86 in 2014 and so close to the upper crust in last year's version, an 89. So just how far has he fallen after, by one measure, one of the worst 2015 seasons under center?

Well, he's also below punter Sam Koch (84), defensive tackle Brandon Williams (84), fullback Kyle Juszczyk (83), linebacker C.J. Mosley (83), kicker Justin Tucker (83) and — still with me? — running back Justin Forsett (82).

Joe Flacco, one of the league's highest-paid players, a Super Bowl Most Valuable Player, is an 81 -- same as the guy Madden 17 Coins with the hips from hell, tight end Dennis Pitta. (And also the Giants' Eli Manning, if that's any consolation.)

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