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The List of Things Players Want to See in Madden 17

There two days, we made a return visit to our customers who are in good relationship with us. From the visit, we learned that they are all waiting for Madden 17, so some of them stopped playing Madden 16 now, someone not. And they talked about what they want to see in Madden 17? To protect their privacy, we will use A,B,C, show them.

A: I would absolutely love to see a practice mode for your MUT Team. Simple as that. You have the choice to play against an NFL team (the way practice is currently set up) or your own team. So for example, if you want to test out some plays on offense, your MUT defense would be in the mode against your MUT offense. This would also be a cool way of just testing players out.

-Alternate jerseys to come back. Please.
-Different phrases by commentators, and different commentators. I don't even need Phil Simms and Jim Nantz anymore, I can literally commentate the game myself at this point.
-This is kind of one I thought about randomly, but I think it would be really cool if they made a "1st person view" option or a series of solos in which you are in first person. When I say first person I literally mean you are Julio Jones, facing Richard Sherman opposite of you. Get open for the 1st down. I think this would be a pretty big challenge as it's not something anyone is used to, but it would so cool if they added this.

B: I'd like my MUT franchise to be more like a FF keeper league. Now let's say in this keeper league I can carry over 1 offensive player and 1 defensive player from the previous season. They would have to be on my roster at the start of the new Madden release. And maybe I would have to complete all of the MUT masters in order to be eligible. In turn these rollover players would be re-badged as legends from MUT 16. In order for the economy not to crumble they could even be none tradable. I just think it would be a nice thank you from EA. So all of my hard work wouldn't be erased. As well as buoying the economy until very near the end. i'm looking forward to buy cheap Madden 17 Coins.

C: I wish they would give you a 16th round where you choose a random kicker/punter. Would be a great asset to the game.

D: I'd love to have formations subs and aubibles be changed in the menu and set so they are already done when you start a game. Almost every formation on defense I have a sub I have to make and on offense I forget about it and end up running a play and realizing it's not who I usually have out there. Custom play books would be cool but could also be detrimental because then everyone would have all the cheese formations like gun split close and strong close and shit like that.

E: Would be great to have an area where you can put a specific corner on a single receiver the whole game. This way it would be harder to create mismatches with a good receiver just by moving him around.

F: That would be a huge troll fest. Aaron Hernandez would get a card for sure. Some people would take it seriously but most wouldn't.

So, will these come true in Madden 17? Let's expect its releasing day.

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