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The Importance of Hit Power in Madden 17

Hit power (hp) is mainly for linebackers and safeties. But some players may not know how important is it? This article will talk about the important of the hp in Madden 17.


Madden 17 hit power


Hit power is nice and is one of the hardest attributes to upgrade. That is said, the "big hitter" trait can give some of the abilities of high hit power to a low hit power defender, giving it slightly less importance than it would otherwise. Would you rather have a bunch of average, high hit power defenders, or a bunch of above average-really good low hit power defenders? Take the high hit power squad because the turnovers and incompletions high hit power defenders cause more than make up for some sloppy coverage once in a while.


In terms of affecting the overall rating Hit Power accounts for - LOLB - 2% MLB - 3% ROLB - 4%. If you look at the sidebar under the useful links there tonnes of info about what ratings are important for each position.


In a 32-person user CFM, Hit Power is important. Nobody cares how much it impacts the OVR, that's just a formula some guy came up with. It forces more fumbles. It's more likely that your defenders will flatten a RB backward instead of have them fall forward for 2-3 yards--those yards matter. It will jar the ball. The reason to mention CFM is it makes your LBs and SS patrolling the middle of the field a constant injury-causing threat if an offense keeps floating up passes letting their WRs get drilled. Smarter players will do what they can to avoid that.


But hit power is just code for "bounce off of my hit and run for a ton of yards" unless it's on all-Madden and it's the CPU.


It really just depends how you play. Big HP means increased likelihood of forcing fumbles, as well as injuries. It can also be useful for breaking up passes on "bang bang" plays. If you like big hitters at SS and MLB, then Keanu Neal is an awesome young safety who hits like a truck if you're looking around.


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