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The Five Biggest Changes Happened in Madden 17

The launch of a new Madden NFL video game marks the unofficial start to the fall/holiday season, which is when most of the industry's high-profile titles hit home consoles.It kicks off Tuesday with the arrival of Madden NFL 17 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Can we expect big changes this season, or is another glorified "roster update" packaged into a new game?



Here are five of the biggest changes I've seen playing Madden NFL 17.
1. Franchise Mode is streamlined.
This is the game mode where players choose a team, then serve as either a player, coach or owner. So, you can either call plays every week or go one step further and manage the franchise. Week to week, players participate in practice sessions, where they study their opponents favorite plays and learn how to exploit them. It gives the practice options MUT 17 COINS in Madden some more focus. On the main Franchise screen, there's an "Improve Your Team" option, where players can make trades and quickly evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their team. Players can also manage their Practice Squads to help round up their team's depth.

2. It's easier to choose how to play a game.
Granted, players could already do a lot of this in earlier Madden games, but this year's release simplifies how players want to progress through a game. Depending on your settings, playing a football game in Madden can stretch for well over an hour, so there are more tools to speed through. The most important change is Moments, where players control the team during big moments in a game, while the rest is simulated. Players will gain control during key third downs, when inside the red zone, or for other key plays. It's like Madden's answer to NFL RedZone. Players can usually finish a game in about 15-20 minutes. But if you want greater control, you can also opt to work on offense MUT 17 COINS defense only. It's much easier than picking the "super simulation" option and skipping ahead.

3. Special teams gets love.
Madden NFL 17 introduces several tweaks to the kicking game. They've attempted to make it easier to block a kick or punt, although I'm not seeing rampant cases of teams easily Madden 17 Coins blowing through opponents to block a kick. However, it's not impossible. The kicking controls are now exclusively tied to the controller's face buttons, with visual cues to help players determine where their kick lands. In the punting game, it's a lot easier to pin teams deep near their end zone. One press of a button lets players switch to a kick with a higher arc, or place some backspin to prevent touchbacks.

4. There's a new broadcast team.
Goodbye, Jim Nantz and Phil Simms. Hello, Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davis. It's an interesting shift since Madden usually leans on broadcasters working on NFL games aired on CBS, NBC or Fox. Gaudin and Davis bring a fresh Madden 17 Coins sound to the game, and seem to offer more insight. Frankly, after four straight seasons with Nantz and Simms, we're overdue for a change.

5. Pass defense seems a lot better.
Over the years, Madden has made some strong improvements in how defenses adjust to player decisions. This season, pass defenders controlled by the computer appear tougher. And it's not just their uncanny ability to pull down interceptions, but defenders seem to do a lot better at breaking up catches. Almost too good. There were a couple replays where I'd question whether that's a hit good enough to jar a ball loose. There is a good side to this though: reading a defense and learning to check down to other receivers helped a great deal.

So do you think that is this a good season for Madden NFL 17? 

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