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Madden NFL 18: The Season Of Big Bats Starts Again

Every year at this time, it's the same thing: all renowned sports licenses serve us their annual update with more or less novelties to encourage fans to go back through the purchase box. When you are a fan of FIFA, NBA or NFL, the question of buying often does not arise (and suddenly my test is useless, snif) but when you are mostly a gambler eager for good games, we mainly look for new products and their contribution to video games (because honestly, I would not like to rubbing these fellows in real life).

For two years I had not touched the famous Madden series, so let's see what Madden NFL 18 offers us this year...

American football is an unknown sport on this side of the Atlantic but is a real institution in the USA. Having been lucky enough to see a game on a trip to the West Coast, I can assure you that the American craze for their king sport is absolutely unique and well worth the money of football here. No wonder that his adaptation in video games is a success similar to that of FIFA at home.

For my part, it is a sport that I have learned to appreciate thanks to the video game since it is by practicing intensively the different versions of Madden in the 90's that I learned the rules of a sport that did not pass not really on the television channels of the time. And even though today, I limit myself to watching the Superbowl every year, my passion for a much more tactical sport than one usually imagines has remained intact.

The Madden series has been, in recent years, a true reference in the successful adaptation of a sport (and everything that surrounds it) in video games. But this version 2018 managed to go a step further.

First, visually, the realism of this 2018 version is very impressive. Whether it's the pre-game atmosphere or the almost televised quality of the game itself, we stay in a sporty top-flight adaptation. This version 2018 profits in fact thoroughly from the use of the house graphic engine, the "Frostbite". It had already proved itself on FIFA last year and now comes again to enrich a Madden NFL 18 which becomes the new visual reference for sports games.

The gameplay in game is changing only fairly little and the regulars of the series will not be too disturbed, it must be said that the possibilities were already enormous with specific gameplays according to the position of the player. As such, Madden is one of the few sports series that truly militates for its sport. I had already mentioned it in previous tests but Madden really helps to progress in his understanding of American football.

If you know the basics of this sport, everyone will find something to enjoy. The beginner will get his tutorial to better understand the rules and just play the game while the more experienced player will learn the finesse of the sport and improve his tactical decisions in match. A real interactive course!

The "classic" game modes are back in a fairly unchanged form as well. This does not prevent the Career mode from remaining a true reference of the kind even if one would still have appreciated one or the other novelty.

On the other hand, the Ultimate Team mode is going up in this version 2018 with a good package of new features. Of course, the cards are updated and are even more numerous than before, but above all, you can play as a cooperative with 3 players on the same team. And it works especially well since each participant embodies one of the coaches but also a player on the field whether one is in offensive or defensive configuration. A great idea to play truly in team.

But Madden 2018 does more than propose what he has always done very well, as with FIFA last year, it is a mode scripted that makes its appearance. It embodies a young quarterback full of promises that tries to be noticed by the professionals in an original way. I will say no more so as not to spoiler the curious but know that this adventure is much more scripted than its equivalent on FIFA.

We play games of course but we also spend a lot of time simply living the adventure of an aspiring professional player. This adventure format for a sports game proves to be very interesting when you enjoy narrative games but will probably clash a little more with the pure and hard fans who just want to play a maximum of game. A format that changes the ordinary and gets done with honors.


Madden NFL 18 is a good annual edition for the Madden license. Without revolutionizing its gameplay (which in any case does not need it), Madden offers us a version 2018 that will delight all fans of American football. Visually always more beautiful each year and still offering a real interactive learning of this sport unknown to us, its "classic" modes, without reinventing themselves, offer what video game sport can produce better.

The novelty of this year, the adventure mode "LongShot" will amuse the players amateurs of scenario sporting without being in the heart of the game. Mine of nothing, without revolutionizing its content, Madden NFL 18 offers us one of its best editions to this day.

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