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Madden NFL 18 Test: The New NFL Season Is Just Around The Corner

The new NFL season is just around the corner, and a new offshoot of the American football simulation Madden is a must. Especially since the fans are becoming more and more, since the NFL fortunately also booms in Germany as never before! With'Madden NFL 18 is now again to be called virtual football madness when it comes to the tough men's sport on the PS4 or Xbox One. Needless to say, the new version of EA Sports has to be measured against the bock-strong predecessor. Because he had already delivered a worry-free program for every NFL-Gamer. With the 18th part you want to continue to get the perfect football simulation on the consoles - with the new content. Once again, we've gone to the gameboard to reveal whether 'Madden NFL 18' is flying again, or landing in the side.



That's it:


All NFL-Pros, may skip the next testblock. For all novices and potential first-time players, a few basics on the licensed American Football of the NFL on the console: The goal is to achieve a game consisting of four quarters divided into two halves, as many points as possible by touchdowns or field goals. In order to land a touchdown, you have to come from the respective starting position to the opposing end zone. Within a maximum of four game moves you have to create at least a space gain of ten yards by running or pass play. If the team is able to cross the field to the end zone, and if the football crosses the line, a touchdown has been achieved. This was the minimum version, because the fun is a lot more complex, but also geiler. Welcome to hunt for yards, field goals and touchdowns, or with the big games of defense to win games.


It's good:


While the predecessors screwed on the further development of the gameplay, the 18th part is mainly fine-tuned. Playfully, there is not great new, but the 'Madden' offshoot is completely based on it. What is new here is that the player is allowed more freedoms, as with the free pass. From now on, you can throw the ball to any player you have opted for, and there is a freely selectable throwing point on the field. More importantly, the balancing tool is the right balance. This gives the entire game a much more flexible playing feel. This can be seen, for example, when a running back is smoothly kicks the opposing defense as a kitten. The improved balancing also leads to a further increase in the already high level of realism. Above all, the opponent's AI and the special play styles are much better matched.


The strong opponents are acting a bit more humane, but weaker teams put themselves much better on their own tactics. What's new is that now beginners can also directly activate Arcade mode. Completely unused is the story mode called "Longshot", which offers much entertainment and variety. It adds the role of the young quarterback Devin Wade, who wants to make it into the NFL after a fatal blow over a casting show. Last but not least, the graphics pleasure was increased by switching to the Frostbite engine. The result is that the animations are still a bit more agile and the whole graphic level has been raised. In combination with the already grandiose, highly realistic and film-ready production, there is sensational football madness!


This is bad:


Conclusion: One must leave the 'Madden' series, year after year EA Sports manages to improve the virtual football - especially noticeable in the last three years. Well, with part 18, there is a grand American football simulation, which has improved noticeably with features in balancing. In addition, there is an entertaining story mode, the many defense and offense possibilities, all the modes and the incredibly cool graphics and presentation. Not to forget the coherent, authentic gameplay, which was already convincing. So be happy not only on the new NFL season, but also on a fresh 'Madden NFL 18', which throws you full American football into your living room. Clearly the best football simulation with both one hundred percent addiction and entertainment factor!

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