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Madden NFL 16: Moving A TE To FB

I know you CAN do it in the game, but has anyone had success in doing it? I like the idea of a solid balanced TE being able to open holes for the RB and catch out of the back field. Hell in split back, send him for a wheel route or something. Anyone try something like this?

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I do it all the time. Great not only for receiving but even better blockers with some acc or speed. Vance MacDonald is solid in that regard for blocking. Marcel Reece can play both ways. Anthony Sherman is such a good blocker he's a great TE on running plays.


For a while Scott Chandler was listed as NE's FB in the game. He played pretty decently. Chandler and Develin both do well at the position and each have their strengths. Develin breaks tackles better, which is more useful in the FB run on short yardage situations, while Chandler was much better at catching in traffic. Happy to play with either player at FB.


Drafted a TE my first offseason and was forced to start him, so he became how do I say, a favorite of mine? Anyway fast forward like 3 or 4 years and I draft a TE who is bigger/faster/better receiver than this guy.


So I look at my first TEs stats and realize his speed/blocking stats are better than what I have at FB (Also Bigger) so I moved him. Good Receiver out of the backfield, can block and good in short yardage run plays.

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