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Madden 18 - The New Episode Of Madden NFL Series

The first Madden NFL sport simulation to wet the jersey this fall is a sure bet for aficionados and an enigma for others, stunned by the commercial success and enthusiasm around the franchise across the Atlantic. For this 2018 vintage, EA Sports has decided to reconcile the two communities by playing the offensive card with a graphics engine and a story mode worthy of the name. Touchdown guaranteed?



The approach of the beginning of season comes to awaken my passion of child for the sport. And of all disciplines, American football connects me to the kid that I have always been. This guy who rose up in the middle of the night to watch this reality show before the hour, including his lot of twists, human adventures, muscle tackles and naked cheerleaders. This hyperactive kid who made a thousand whims with his uncle to bring back from his excursions to New York a cap or XXL Giants jersey. This reserved child who was dreaming quarterback to rally in his camp classmates and beautiful high school kids. An overwhelming enthusiasm that has a hard time exporting to our country, despite the league's opening efforts and the impact of the Madden NFL license, to unanimously praised quality.


A Series And Men


This new episode does not hamper this pretty reputation, relying on the desideratas of his big community and the successful trials by the FIFA and NBA 2K scouts. All the aficionados of soccer US wanted to live an adventure in Friday Night Lights, cult TV series, but passed unperceived in France because difficult of access and too anchored in the political reality and American legal. A fantasy finally fulfilled since Madden NFL 18 is the second title of the EA Sports range to enjoy a story mode, the so-called "The Longshot". It is no longer a question of aligning the matches one after the other, according to the formula dedicated, but of following an ultra-scripted soap opera, where moral dilemmas will influence your professional career and your career as a man.


Devin Wade, a former fallen star who returns after three years of absence from the field, is determined to make up for lost time and take part in the next Draft. Without reaching the quality of the exceptional show of NBC, this fiction remains sympathetic, sometimes captivating, although too narrative. The game sequences are indeed as rare as the defeats of the Patriots of Tom Brady, the cursor being pointed at human relations and emotions. A writing that allows us to better understand the culture of American sport, and this unforgiving universe where the young talents of the country are wandered between moments of hopes and periods of doubt.



It was nevertheless approved by the NFL herself, who did not oppose any option of destiny, proof of the versatility of the decisions taken by your avatar. A scenario of which it is difficult to deviate, except to grant recreational breaks, like 7v7 football games, or to relive flashback sequences. A refreshing experience, interpreted by renowned actors, short but different from the traditional modes (Franchise, Ultimate Team, etc.) which mainly serves to introduce the new elements of gameplay and a brand new graphics engine. Because Madden is now worn by the Frostbite Engine.


Engine, action, it returns!


To rise to the level of the best simulations of the kind, it was indeed necessary that this license passes a heading in terms of immersion, new way rich. Successful transformation thanks to a finer, appreciable and appreciated realization especially on the cinematics and the presentations of the teams. The protagonists are better modeled, gained humanity and precision of features, and the visual / sound atmosphere is more like that of the gigantic enclosures of the league with its play of light and its view from the stands. On the green rectangle, these technological advances are felt mainly in the management of collisions, with impressive "sacks" of realism. The other side of the coin: the ambition of the Californian studio is still confronted with the complexity of the Frostbite, not escaping neither its cascade of graphic bugs and slowdowns nor its long loading times.


Not enough to cool the ardor of the oval balloon enthusiasts, nor the curiosity of beginners who would like to indulge in the pleasures of touchdowns, as developers propose a more instinctive gameplay, and therefore within their reach. Madden NFL 18 takes care of everything, you do not mind anything. Aside from choosing your style of play, depending on your degree of understanding of the discipline, between Arcade mode (more permissive faults), Simulation (authenticity of previous episodes) and Competitive (ultimate experience). This is the title that fits your level, not the other way around. A desire to give more control to the players who takes all its scope in the management of the passes. Leather in hand, all attempts of "Spin Moves", "Juke moves" and "Hurdle moves" are now faster and more efficient. Several corrections were also made on receipts and fumbles (losses of the balloon) in the same concern of accessibility. And for those whose Anglicisms would make them want to whip Mia Frye and George Eddy, it will be necessary to get used to it, since the title is only proposed in the language of Shakespeare. In complete discrepancy with the intentions of opening and internationalization of this excellent 2018 vintage.


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