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Madden 18 News: The First Story Mode Featured College Team

Madden franchise's first story mode arrives at "Madden 18", known as Longshot. It will be the protagonist of Devin Wade, a college footballer who has failed, is trying to start again, and finally succeeds again.


Considering what has happened to "NCAA Soccer", this is a special milestone, an EA project that has been eliminated in the past few years.
Polygon recalled that despite EA's persistent efforts to follow the NCAA policy, the "NCAA Soccer" video game took place, but the organization was still hesitant to get EA to actually allow it.



However, with the addition of the Longshot story pattern to Madden 18, it seems that EA is performing the task. With the execution of the game producer Seann Graddy told Polygon that "authenticity is important for this story, so the Texas team actually played a meaningful story in a year.
Graddy also told publishers that if the University of Texas disagreed with the "Madden 18's" part of Longshot, they would go to other teams at the University of Texas. This is to show how EA is committed to making their vision for Longshot.


In addition to the University of Texas, EA can also get "yes" from the University of Oregon, including the school's football project, which tells the story of Devin in Longshot.


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