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Madden 18: Between Renewal And Continuity

As every year, EA Sports decides to release a new Madden opus to satisfy all the fans of American football throughout the world.



At first glance, the new opus looks like the previous one but many improvements have been applied for Madden NFL 18.




The QTE system at receptions, interceptions and tackles has been retained. In addition, in the tackles one can now perform very big hits, but they are possible only with the right joystick. It is double edged because with a big tackle the fumble is possible, but if the tackle is missed, this offers a boulevard for the bearer of the ball. The intercept system has been revised a bit because the button to intercept the quarterback is always the same, but now if you keep pressing the button throughout the action your player has a very important penalty to catch the ball. New defenses have been added as well as attacks but some offensive games have unfortunately disappeared from some playbooks.


The Longshot Mode


A narrative mode like The Journey in Fifa 17 appeared in the new opus of Madden. Devin Wade, young quarterback Texan who hopes to integrate the world of NFL. We get involved in the different moments of his life by many flashbacks (High School, College), and we must manage his career so that he arrives in NFL via a television show: Longshot.


There are many QTEs in this mode of play but the moments when we play our games without QTE are much more interesting. The scenario is interesting even if one or two protagonists can get us out of the story. Notably one that looks very much like a caricature character to the possible coming straight out of a Grand Theft Auto. Longshot is still interesting although you would expect better.


Frosbite Changes Everything


The latest graphics engine from EA is finally available for Madden. Because on the 17th, it was still the old graphic engine. The stadiums, lights, players are very well modeled and it allows to be even more realistic. The game is very immersive with the statistics in match of the players, the facts of game, the entries of the quarterbacks in beginning of the match with some small videos and their statistics on the previous season.


Madden Ultimate Team Sets High


The flagship mode of EA Sports is the Ultimate Team mode. And that of Madden NFL 18 is particularly successful. There is something for all the tastes between solo challenges, season mode, MUT Draft mode, MUT Champions... The solo challenges are constantly renewed and there is enormous allowance before launching in the online games because to play in front of players of any nationality you will need a team capable of competing either in attack or defense.


Finally, in the Madden Ultimate Team mode, the 3 vs 3 mode appears and allows to live very fun games with his friends. Each of the three players comes with an element of his team. The first player is the offensive coordinator, he brings his offensive squad to the team and is in charge of controlling the quarterback in offensive phase. The second player is the defensive coordinator, he brings his defensive squad to the team and the third player is the head coach and brings his playbooks and coach. Each player controls the player he wants to attack or defend except the offensive coordinator who is forced to take the quarterback.


3rd & Goal


EA Sports has significantly improved the quality of the game for the Madden NFL 18 release, whether on the form or on the bottom. All along we are fully immersed in the game, no matter how you play. The only small defects are the many and sometimes long loading times, as well as for anglophobes, the non-translation of the game in French. The Longshot mode may displease some on some points, as the fact that it is very narrative.


A very good vintage, for any fan of American football and video games. You will take full the mirettes. Once you want to learn more news about Madden NFL 18 or you want to buy cheap Madden 18 coins, you can come to We promise you'll get best service.

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