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Madden 18 Available On Xbox One X With New Patch 1.06

EA Sports released a new patch for Madden NFL 18 game. The game is available on Xbox One X and brings many enhancements with the 4K Ultra HD football Xbox gaming experience in the first time. Its Gameplay Runs at a Consistent 60 frames per second (fps) which delivers seamless transitions and improved gameplay performance between each down.

Take a look at the detailed patch notes of the update 1.06:


• Updated NFL records for Offline (already available in Cloud)

• Addressed issue displaying certain menus in 4K

• Addressed issue around Injured Players not showing up as being on the IR when starting a franchise via Play Now Live

• Made stability improvements


• Tuned to increase pass accuracy when throwing in a clean pocket with feet set in Competitive Game Style

• Tuned to decrease pass accuracy when throwing across the QB’s body at drastic angles and making back-foot throws

• Tuned to decrease defensive penalty for using the Pass Commit adjustment vs. running plays in all Game Styles

• Added logic for Conservative Ball Carrier Coaching Adjustment – now there’s a very low chance for defender fakeouts when this adjustment is active

• Tuned to increase frequency of holding penalties when the Aggressive Blocking Coaching Adjustment is active

• Tuned to increase frequency of offsides penalties when the Aggressive Pass Rush Coaching Adjustment is active

• Addressed issues resulting in catches being knocked out by minimal defensive contact

• Addressed issues around users losing control for a short time during the camera flip on turnovers

• Addressed online grieving exploits around spamming the Fake Snap mechanic to stop the clock and defenders intentionally Encroaching to keep the clock running

• Addressed issue resulting in incorrect field position after a touchback occurs on a missed field goal

• Addressed issue where kick return player would get stuck in a strafe assignment after colliding with a teammate

• Tuned to ensure plays populate in the Run/Pass Counter filter of the Play Call menu

• Added Skills Trainer Gauntlet stability improvements

• Added a controller-rumble prompt in MUT Squads to notify user-controlled receivers when the ball is snapped

• Tuned to address inability to move outside linebacker when showing blitz in the Dollar formation

MUT Squads

• Addressed issues around incorrect XP awards


• Addressed rare issue around Field Goal net enlarging after missing a field goal

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