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Madden 18 - 10 Best Players With High Rating

A closed team performance also brings you to victory, but in the decisive moments, star players are necessary to carry out the important moves. From Tom Brady to Aaron Donald - these ten athletes will not beat any other player in Madden 18.

Antonio Brown - Overall Rating 97

Pittsburgh Steelers' 29-year-old wide receiver has scored fewer yards in the past season than in the three previous seasons. Nevertheless, its overall rating remains at 97.

Le'Veon Bell - Overall Rating 97

His team colleague Le'Veon Bell has also made it into the top 10. The second Pittsburgh Steeler also comes on a 97.

J. J. Watt - Overall Rating 98

Watt holds in Houston the record for most sacks in the history of the franchise (74.5). This also shows his overall assessment. The defensive end of Texans has a 98.

Aaron Rodgers - Overall Rating 98

When it comes to turning the game around with a pass, Rodgers is hard to beat. The quarterback of the Green Bay Packers with 98-rating understands his craft.

Luke Kuechly - Overall Rating 98

Kuechly is a support for his team colleagues at the Carolina Panthers. Not for nothing comes the linebacker on a 98 overall rating.

Julio Jones - Overall Rating 98

The disappointment at the Atlanta Falcons was great after the Super Bowl defeat in February. At least on his valuation in Madden 18, Jones is happy. He has a 98.

Rob Gronkowski - Overall Rating 98

On the side of the winners was Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots, who also received a 98-rating from EA.

From Miller - Overall Rating 99

The linebacker of the Denver Broncos reaches the 99er mark. There are no points for players in Madden 18.

Aaron Donald - Overall Rating 99

At Aaron Donald of the Los Angeles Rams, the 99 is not just on the jersey, the 26-year-old in Madden 18 was suitably given the same overall rating.

Tom Brady - Overall Rating 99

This year, Brady has already won his fifth Super Bowl title. It is no wonder then that the quarterback of the New England Patriots comes also in Madden 18 on a 99 overall rating.

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