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Madden 17 Will be the 4th of EA Access' Free Games Vault

There have three game (Furi, The Saboteur, and Aragami) on EA Access member now, and will be add four soon, Madden 17 lucky to become the 4th of EA Access' Free Games Vault.

EA announced on Twitterthat starting on February 24, Madden 17 will be added to the EA Access Vault, and Access subscribers can play the full version of the game for as long as their subscription remains active.


Access to Vault games is the primary benefit of being an EA Access member. Other perks include discounts on digital EA games and DLC, as well as early access to most upcoming EA games. That includes Mass Effect: Andromeda.


EA also today announced some news regarding Origin Access, the PC equivalent of EA Access. From now until March 7, it's offering a free, seven-day trial of the service.


Additionally, as noted by GamesBeat, EA has introduced a $30-per-year option for subscribing, similar to what's available for EA Access. Previously, the only option was to pay $5 per month (which is also an option for EA Access).

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