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Madden 17: The Best Payers in Your Team

Players are not only defined by their present stats. Sometimes we should take a different view at players. In your team, you must have your players that have the best performance. So we list the best players here, collecting from the community.


Krause with Tier 2 PS on offense

He is good catching in traffic. "Krause with Tier 2 PS is the best ball hawk I've played with he gets to the ball firsts every time, offense I'd say Ltd David Johnson he breaks so many tackles."


TOTW Brandon Flowers

TOTW Brandon Flowers is an underated guy who has a great impact in the secondary. And he has PS As far as newer players that playoff Whitney Mercilus is real good. Very pleased with his play. Also has ES which is a great chem imo.


FO Jordan Howard

He is like always breaking the first tackle. "Everytime I played against him he'd go beast mode."


Favre, OOP Sanders and Sean Taylor

Hit Sanders (or Moss) on a corner route for a guaranteed 10-15 yards each time. Gunslinger has the release so fast that the secondary can't keep up. And Sanders just beats corners on any sharp cuts. Taylor is a ball hawk to the max. It is easy to get picks with him. 


Offense Milestone AP or Demaryius

Offense Milestone AP or Demaryius. AP breaks so many tackles best back in the game imo. Demaryius catches everything and gets some of the nastiest animations and RAC dude breaks so many tackles and is a beast run blocking. Defensively MF Geno or CH Reid. Geno is in the backfield every play and Reid plays like Taylor for me so it makes it easy for me to keep Taylor at LB.


Kiko Alonso FB

"I use him but he catches everything thrown his way, and seems to strip sack every time he gets to the QB. i run a base Dime 1-4-6, i dont know the play but its where the front 7 blitz and i usually defense assign 3 of the blitzers to zone or man depending on tendency. He excels at this defense. I have been thinking of trading up to UF David but cant justify given the results from Kiko."


Which play in your eyes is the best player? Share your best player to us. Obviously, if you apply the player right, his potential will be maximized. 

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