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Madden 17: Suggestions to Complete Non Playoff Upgrade Set

In this article we will introduce suggestions to help you complete non playoff upgrade set. Maybe it is not so beneficial, but these suggestions you can refer.


1. It's definitely random at times. Set your filters to all offense, lowest buy it now, and cycle through each non playoff team. Repeat with defense. 

Option 1: stay at 1200 or below for golds and 400 or less for silvers.

Option 2: 800 and below, it's a little more time consuming but it took you a day to get 14 TH badges and it won't cost you more than 800 coins on golds. Definitely a little more time consuming but makes that margins a lot bigger.


2. Best way to do it is buy under 800 coin gold cards and buy a variety, by doing this you can go into your binder and search the most popular ones and buy multiples quickly.


3. Go to a team sort by BIN and go from Offense to Defense Gold to Silver then Switch teams. Then after you had bought a lot, and I do mean a lot go into your binder and Left Bumper/L1 and search the AH for them.


4. Time of the day was most important you want to make sure people are opening a ton of packs and aim for under 1000 for gold and under 400 for silver. Its time consuming.


Hope you can get useful information from above. Also you can watch youtube video to see how other players complete the non playoff upgrade set. Good luck and enjoy the game with enough cheap madden mobile coins.

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