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Madden 17 Guide: Better Slide With Your QB

Recently, many people asked me how to better slide in madden 17, I also prefer to slide, carefully studied the next, but I think I do is not good enough, today I am here to share a tutorial with you.

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If you are like me and you do not look at the controls before diving into Madden - you probably have had the QB take off and not known how to slide at the end of the play. This may have ended fine for you, it May have ended very poorly - no you do not want your QB taking too many hits in football.


This time, to slide with your QB you have to hold both triggers (LT and RT) down and push x on Xbox One or square on your PS4. When to slide is all personal preference, but I would recommend trying to avoid any big Contacts with your QB since they're more prone to fumbling and an injury to your franchise QB is not a good way to win a Super Bowl. QB slides will help you avoid the hit and keep the yards.

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