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Madden 05 & Madden 07

I'm playing Madden 07 right now on the ps2 and i just love the franchise mode. The minor details are so nice. Anyone else play old gen madden? Following are views from madden fans.

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2005 is my absolute favorite madden and 2007? The one with Vick. I occasionally play them but the graphics aren't something to be sought. I will however play the shit out of NCAA. The last one for 360 isnt bad graphically and the franchise mode is awesome.


I played Madden 05 a lot as a kid and still do on occasion. I really liked the training camp part of franchise mode and the mini games, and the jersey and stadium customization is far better than what they have now. I recently bought Madden 08 for PC when I went to college because I didn't bring my Xbox, and I absolutely love it. The graphics aren't as good as the newer ones obviously and the AI still isn't great, but the superstar mode is my favorite and way better than player mode in the new CFM. I also got Madden 25 about a year ago and I enjoy it, but I really miss superstar mode and the passing cone made it way easier to look off safeties and such. IMO the series has progressively gotten worse in terms of actual football simulation and various modes to play, but the AI has seemingly improved in terms of blocking and tackling in each new release.


I think it would be interesting to mess with previous years to use the glitch players like Vick and CJ2K. I mostly play ultimate team, but i'll look into that. Vick is crazy good in older Maddens. I just love the nostalgic feelings of Vick in Atlanta, the tough ravens defense, Chad Johnson and Palmer, the madden powerhouse of the chargers and seahawks. Good times

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