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How to Stop 5 Wide Sets in Madden 17

I'm in a CFM, and a couple guys like to run 5-wide sets a lot. They kill me with option routes etc.

What's the best strategies for this? I run a 4-3 defense.


Stay in a dime defense and keep mixing things up. Try to learn what they are doing. I would be hesitant to blitz very often because it can result in a big play.


Usually I run quarters cover 2 man or cover 2 zone and then user the qb spy linebacker to look for underneath routes. Don't blitz in those situations and if he's passing deep then press y and then up on the right stick and the defense will play further back. You'll be weak in the flats but if you do press cover 2 zone and play the deep ball then you'll cut off screens and most downfield play. Just watch the deep middle routes and underneath stuff like quick slants and drags.


Use dime zones and use the inside cbs to man a crossing route or vert depending on what it looks like hes doing. replace their zones with one dl/lb and my user mlb.


4 man dline if 1st downs or run is possible. 3 if not. got to locate the 'threat' targets and ignore the 4th and 5th wrs a little more. try spotlights if threats are stacked.

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