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How to Make CFM in Madden 17 Fun to Play

CFM, the abbreviation of Connected Franchise Mode, what do you think of? Players reflect that it is too easy and boring that they want to make it challenging. Thus, we would like to make CFM fun to play with these suggestions.

How to Make CFM in Madden 17 Fun to Play

First, make an all white team. To do this you may have to turn salary cap off at some point just to maintain the all white status of your team. This may sound racist, but it is actually challenging to keep a great team and draft white players at certain positions ( HB,WR,CB,S).


Second, try fantasy drafting the absolute worst team imaginable and see how long it takes to rebuild. It's kinda fun for a bit. Fantasy draft, you can only draft rookies 75 OVR or lower. If you sim some rounds of the draft cut all non-rookies and sign more rookies in free agency. Your goal is to rebuild the team with no free agency and no trades. You can sign UDFAs after each draft and resign your own players, but other than that no trading or free agency.


Third, play online CFM.


Last, use the play the moment.


Additionally, there are rules you should notice. Make sure you don't just let yourself trade off players in the final year of their contract that you aren't likely to resign. This barely ever happens in the real NFL (although mostly due to the fact that compensation picks exist whereas they don't in madden).


Do you have any other ideas to make CFM fun? Tell us. Hope thses suggestions can be useful for you. For more latest news, you can view, where cheapest madden 17 coins are earned. Have a nice day.

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