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Franchise Mode Guide in Madden 17

You can win a match easily if you know a good Madden 17 Guide, today lets share a new franchise mode guide in Madden 17, you can through everything you need to know about the game mode.

Choosing a Team
Although you need to find a team which could complements your playstyle, you should choose your favorite team. And if you want to increase your chances of winning and a team of rookies, you can choose a high rating team.
Be a Player
You can select an active player or create one from ground up. Once done, you need to decide position, player type, backstory, etc. This bars from controlling other players on the field; but the idea is to earn XP, designate strengths/weaknesses, and become the best NFL player.
Be a Coach
This allows you to control the entire team instead of a single player which is what makes it more complicated. As a coach, you decide things like drafting, trading, signing, etc. Once again, you can either select a pre-existing coach – and inherit all his traits – or create one from scratch.
Be an Owner
This allows you to experience the Madden NFL 17 Franchise Mode in its entirety. If you are not comfortable with making stadium decisions or managing the prices off the field, you should probably choose something else. Similar to other roles, you can select an active owner or create one from the ground up – the latter affects finances, team happiness, and fan happiness.

So you can win more in Madden 17 if you could learn the guides i shared with you, you can see more details about Madden 17 tips and tricks or you can buy Cheap Madden 17 coins on

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