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Five Features We Should Know About Madden NFL 18

With the release date of Madden NFL 18 approaching, EA Sports published a lot news about Madden 18, and we could see there are a lot new things added to Madden 18 from the released trailer, so today I will introduce five features about Madden NFL 18: New sports concept, Expansion, Other models of the legend, Improved OL A.I. and MUT customization.



New sports concept

There are plans to use MUT Squads to expand the Madden esports portfolio, which is exciting, but unfortunately, this does not include CFM events.



Speaking of MyLeague and MyGM, NBA 2K17's franchise mode concepts are the best in the business. This year, they introduced league expansion to those modes. I was hoping that concept might make it to CFM, but per Graddy, that won't be happening this year.


Other models of the legend

One thing that you can use in the other modes in the game you use to unlock the legend in the MUT. That choice will not return to Madden 18.


Improved OL A.I.

There is a developer diary that will discuss the improvement of the offensive lineer A.I. which is a legacy to me, and I am interested in looking at the work done by the developer to improve the field of the game.


MUT customization

Prepare several "no". Unlike the NBA 2K's MyTeam and MLB "Diamond Dynasties", fans still can not customize their team, uniform or stadium in MUT.


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