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EA Sports Revealed The First Patch For Madden 18 Since Its Release

Since Madden NFL 18 kicked off recently, EA Sports released a new patch for players. Check the detailed patch notes below.





• HDR support

• General stability updates fixing various crashes and softlocks

• Fixed issue with the Steelers’ crowd “Terrible Towels” appearing black or grey

• Online Head-to-Head quarter length changed from four minutes to five minutes

• Fixed an issue around MUT Squads players receiving the incorrect rewards when teammates leave the session early

• Improved a small framerate drop when the ball is snapped on PS4

• Tuned scaling of the football to be slightly smaller

• Fixed an issue where points were purchasable in trial

• Fixed button functionality to correct X button notfunctioning on PS4 when attempting to load a Madden Profile




• Zone Coverage tuning to increase Break-on-Throw times

• Tuning to decrease effectiveness of Ball Carrier moves

• Fixed issue around coaches standing in the middle of the field when restarting MUT Challenges

• Tuning to increase blocksheds in run defense vs. Gun Inside Zone plays

• Tuning to slightly increase pass rush when QB holds onto the ball for extended time in the pocket

• Fixed issue with sideline characters not reacting appropriately to big plays




• Fixed incorrect Chargers vs. Giants Week 5 game on the schedule

• Fixed issue around schedules recording incorrectly when using Play Now Live for Preseason Week 2


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